Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Epic fail!!

So today was a bust. After getting my car I was in so much pain that I had to take some vicodin which, well, knocked me right out until my dr. appointment. Needless to say there is NOTHING in the slow cooker right now (except that "science experiment" as a good friend called it). Instead I am sitting on my back deck eating a cucumber and watching the dogs sniff around. Dinner tonight will instead consist of noodles with either soy-free spaghetti sauce or just canned tomatoes and olive oil, crusty bread with THIS roasted garlic recipe (I couldn't find Alton Brown's on foodnetwork...??). Dessert will be THIS mini-crock brie recipe with strawberry jam and fresh strawberries. Minues the pecans and cranberries. On the plus side though I got the Brie on clearance!!!! Half off in fact, $2.99 for 4 oz!!

Dinner Math:
4 bulbs of garlic- $1.47
Crusty Italian Bread-$2.00
Strawberries-$2.50/2 pounds (Will have to double check with DH on that one)

The pasta, crackers, jam, can of tomatoes and leftover broccoli probably come out to be $1.50 for what we'll use tonight


The leftovers will keep us fed for several days and I am REALLY looking forward to the brie tonight. I'll keep that a surprise from the husband until its ready XD

I decided to give the bananas another day or two to get really ripe and easier to mash up. But I am definitely going to shoot for the rib/potato meal tomorrow. I work from 2:45-9:00 tomorrow, so I'll likely get everything going around 1:00 and it will be ready when I get home.

Off to cook now. Ill take pictures and everything!!

-Janelle (Remarkably well-rested now)-

P.S. Anyone have good recipes that include dog meat? We're about to have a whole bunch around here if the doggies don't shape up. *Evil eyes*
P.P.S. Only joking, I love my doggies. I just don't love their hole-digging, wrestling, not-going-in-her-room-so-i-have-to-chase-her-all-around-the-basement-for-10-minutes-ing. *Takes a deep breath* Right, off to cook...


  1. Hi, Janelle
    Applause for beginning this blog (saw your post on the CrockPot yr)!
    There's quite a bit of 'no soy' info on some of the coconut oil sites - as soy depresses the thyroid (& much soy & corn goes into animal feeds, so look for free range beef & chicken!) & so much soy is GM now - double whammy!
    You can still eat more 'veggi' & avoid soy - lentils is one of my all time favorites, for quick cooking time, & gentle food!
    I have some coconut recipes on my 'V Vale' blog - I love the new info on how GOOD FOR US coconut is in its many delightful forms!

  2. PS - when recipes call for soy sauce, a bit of sea salt is a good substitute!

  3. Thanks for commenting! I look forward to browsing your blog: I'm going to (hopefully) try your granola recipe next week. I love honey bunches of oats, but it's so expensive! And the just bunches is even more so!

    I do love sea salt, the only time it's an issue is when I need liquid for crockpotting or stir-frying. Otherwise I use sea salt on just about anything! My current favorite is popcorn with some olive oil and sea salt (I got the idea from Trader Joe's, but I've got my own popper so I can make it a LOT cheaper!)

    I hope you'll keep checking back! I appreciate the tips!